Who is it for?

The guidance system which Feel. Love. Now... helps you to create within yourself is something that I initially developed for myself. The understanding that it offers is one that I continue to find exceedingly useful in my life. The daily practices it describes are ones that I still practice. The questions it poses are ones that I continue to ask myself, fine-tuning my sense of direction.

When I first began to formulate the outline of Feel. Love. Now... in 2016, I assumed that it would be most helpful to men who were going through their midlife crisis, as I had. Yet, when I mentioned the intention for the book to much younger men, they often expressed a desire to read it. The more widely I spoke about it, the more widely I found people expressing great interest in it. It seemed that nearly everyone who was facing life’s instability, regardless of age, sex, or social status, could see the value of having a reliable guidance system.

So, who is Feel. Love. Now... for? It’s for you. The simple fact that you’ve reached this point suggests that you’re aware of there being instability in some aspect of your life. You probably know that there are aspects of your life that feel unnecessarily restricted. You’d appreciate creating more wellness in your life. And, as a natural outcome, you may even desire to feel love, now, as well.

“Feel. Love. Now…” is not simply a title; it’s also a way for you to easily remember how you can create stability and wellness within yourself in any given moment. To start with, feel your feelings — by giving attention to what you’re experiencing. Then, love your life, including yourself, other people, and everything else you encounter.

No matter whether something is or isn’t to your liking, you can still love it. So, if you find it confusing to love something that you don’t like, simply offer your caring and compassion to everyone and everything you’re experiencing — including yourself!

Feeling your feelings and loving your life can only be done now, not in the past and not in the future. If you try to feel and love your past, you’re trying to love a memory rather than the life you’re actually living. If you try to feel and love your future, you’re trying to love a fantasy in place of the life you’re actually living. Now… how can you feel love — now, to point you towards wellness and stability in each present moment?


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