Ever more rapidly, our world is changing — and we are changing with it. Within ourselves, in our relationships, in our communities, and in our societies, we are experiencing different forms of growth. Yet inevitably, our growth comes with growing pains — which at times can be quite intense.

The confusion and disorientation of rapid change can feel like being caught in a hurricane. You may feel urges within yourself to hide, to distract yourself, to sleep it off, or to hope that it will just go away. But, life doesn’t work that way.

As living beings, we grow even as we deteriorate. We change — and our world changes as well. It, too, is alive. It, too, is growing — even when it, too, deteriorates. Creating a life of wellness, happiness, and stability in such a rapidly changing world can feel difficult, overwhelming, and even impossible.

The tools and guidelines that worked well in a world that was slow to change are no longer reliable and sometimes even harmful to use. When our old maps of life are no longer accurate, it’s easy to become lost. And, in a rapidly shifting world, it’s simply not possible for you to find or create an unchanging map to show you which path is best for you to take. But, you can create a real-time navigation system for your life — and Feel. Love. Now... was created to show you how to do just that.


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