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To construct your new guidance system and calibrate it to a life of wellness and stability, it’s clearly helpful to have step-by-step instructions for both assembling and learning how to use it. So, that’s what Feel. Love. Now... is designed to give you, in 3 sections over a period of 18 weeks.

If 18 weeks feels like a long time to you, that’s wonderful — as you’ll probably appreciate getting started right away! But, if you observe yourself being impatient, be sure to avoid skipping or rushing any steps.

You’ll benefit most by building your new guidance system to be accurate. If you instead build it with pieces missing or even a few loose screws, it’s the equivalent of building a compass that can’t reliably point North.

For each weekly portion of the assembly instructions, you’ll receive a lesson to deepen your understanding of yourself, a practice to train your body and self awareness, questions to deepen your self knowledge, and a weekly review to make sure you’ve mastered the material before continuing on to the next lesson. The practices for each week build on those of prior weeks and are to be done daily.

Before you begin assembling please understand that, though each lesson is designed to be as simple and effective as possible, these lessons are probably not going to be easy for you! If you’re at all like I was, there’s probably a lot that you never knew you needed to know in order to live a life of stability and wellness. So, as you learn, please be kind and compassionate towards yourself. And, if it helps you to reread the lesson for a given week, even to reread it daily, please do!

Like all step-by-step instructions, the order of the steps is meaningful and the steps are meant to be followed in sequence. If you miss a day, extend the length of that “week” to cover the day that you missed so that you have 7 days of practice for each week of the program.

If you simply aren’t patient enough to wait 7 days before continuing to the next week’s lesson, you may do one day’s practice in the morning and another in the evening in order to have 2 days of practice in a single calendar day. However, I strongly recommend sticking to one day of practice for each day of the week in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, no matter how many times per day you choose to practice.

If you feel an urge to skip portions of the practice, or to skip the practice altogether, don’t. Each week’s practice needs to be practiced for you to effectively use these instructions to create stability and wellness in your life. After all, it’s not like you can build a guidance system merely by thinking about it!

The assembly instructions you’ll be following are ones that I tested on myself quite thoroughly. Over the 18 months it took to develop Feel. Love. Now..., I purposefully created physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual instability in my own life by living in several dozen locations in 12 countries on 3 continents with no real income. Whenever I followed the instructions, my stability and wellness increased. Whenever I skipped or ignored any part of them, my stability and wellness decreased. It’s truly that effective!

Each section of the guidance system requires 6 weeks to assemble and is associated with a different stage of the process. Section I focuses on how you’re feeling, which is tied to your state of being. Section II focuses on how you’re loving, which is tied to how you’re doing. Section III focuses on how you’re being present, which is tied to what you have present right now.

Like everyone else, you have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Because each of your aspects influences the others, the instructions in Feel. Love. Now... address them together rather than separately. This means that each lesson has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components, all of which are equally important.

Like everyone else, you are unique. This means that you differ from other people. And, while those differences do not make you less able to follow the steps for each practice, they do have an influence on how you will be able to follow them. Though adjustments and options are given as part of the description of the practices, you may need to further adjust one or more practices to address your specific needs, such as due to an injury. Remember, this is your new guidance system that you’re building. So, be sure to follow the instructions in a way that allows your parts to fit together.

The most consistently significant difference that will influence the building of your new guidance system is your expression of gender. What this means is that your expression of masculinity and femininity, regardless of your genitalia, has a major influence on the directions you will choose to go in your life. So, to use these instructions, it’s important for you to have a basic understanding of both femininity and masculinity. This is because both are always present in each of us, in different ways, and to varying degrees.

Femininity is the flowing, flowering fullness of life. It is the water-like quality of our reality that can flow like a river, sprinkle lightly, or be as deep and powerful as an ocean. Femininity is receptive, responsive, and reactive, while masculinity is penetrating, directed, and steady. Masculinity is the structure that gives form, direction, and support to the feminine flow of life.

Masculinity is like the banks of a river. Without its banks, a river’s water would flood the land. With only a river’s banks and no water, its riverbed would be lifeless. Both are needed and must cooperate in order for the rivers of life to thrive, within ourselves and in the world outside ourselves.

As Feel. Love. Now... was designed to provide you with form, direction, and support, it is highly masculine by nature. But, it does not assume that you are — or aren’t. For your own masculinity, treat its structure as a type of scaffolding to help you build your own internal structures. For your own femininity, treat its structure as a system of channels and conduits to guide, accelerate, and focus your flow. As you feel into your truest expression of being, you will come to experience how this structure best serves you. So, let’s begin!

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