What is it for?

Feel. Love. Now... is meant to offer you a reliable way to create wellness and stability in your life, regardless of which way and how hard the winds of change may blow. But, what does that really mean? What is stability when the entire world is changing so fast? What is wellness when there’s so much illness in the world?

In an unstable environment, stability can only be relative. As everything is changing, it’s no longer sensible to hold onto something and expect it to provide you with a firm foundation. It’s as though the land beneath your feet that you used to feel was so safe to build on is now shifting, quaking, sinking, and erupting.

Stability is no longer something for you to seek outside yourself, because your stability is always relative to you — and no one else. This means that the stability you desire, to support you in building the life you wish to live, is within you. In an unstable world, stability is your ability to rely on yourself, your ability to support yourself, consistently. This is especially true when everything is changing, including yourself!

And, what about wellness? What does it even mean to be well — versus ill?

Wellness is an increased ability to function, while illness is a decreased ability to function. Wellness allows you to do more, more freely, while illness forces you to do less, with more restrictions and limitations. This means that wellness and illness are not specific to people or even to living beings. Wellness and illness are qualities of everything that functions, everything that is able to do something.

What Feel. Love. Now... is for is to provide you with a guidance system so that you can rely on yourself while also increasing the ability of every aspect of your life to function. This even includes increasing your emotional wellness so that you’re able to live a life of true happiness.


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