Ever more rapidly, our world is changing — and we are changing with it. Within ourselves, in our relationships, in our communities, and in our societies, we are experiencing different forms of growth. Yet inevitably, our growth comes with growing pains — which at times can be quite intense.


What led to it ?

It was the summer of 2012 when I discovered that I was lost — very lost, in fact. Having a beautiful house, a beautiful wife, a flexible job, and a rather beautiful life were supposed to be resulting in my happiness, I thought. Instead, all I seemed to be feeling was misery. But, how was that even possible?


What is it for ?

This book is meant to offer you a reliable way to create wellness and stability in your life, regardless of which way and how hard the winds of change may blow. But, what does that really mean? What is stability when the entire world is changing so fast? What is wellness when there’s so much illness in the world?


Who is it for ?

The guidance system which this book helps you to create within yourself is something that I initially developed for myself. The understanding that it offers is one that I continue to find exceedingly useful in my life. The daily practices it describes are ones that I still practice. The questions it poses are ones that I continue to ask myself, fine-tuning my sense of direction.


How do I use it ?

To construct your new guidance system and calibrate it to a life of wellness and stability, it’s clearly helpful to have step-by-step instructions for both assembling and learning how to use it. So, that’s what this book is designed to give you, in 3 sections over a period of 18 weeks.


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